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The Small Details

To reserve equipment a 25% deposit is required and is non-refundable. Deposit is applied to the total rental cost. Remainder of balance is due the day of installation or delivery. The total price includes delivery, set up and removal of tents and dance floor. Price of chairs and tables includes delivery and removal but not set up or take down. See below for full details. Due to a rise in fuel and materials we will be charging a minimum delivery fee of $25. If the fee will exceed $25 we will notify you upon sending the estimate.

Terms and Conditions


1.     This rental contract constitutes the entire contract between Wrobleski Party Rentals and the Renter and no modifications shall be valid unless written upon or attached hereto and same are approved in writing by an officer of Wrobleski Party Rentals.


2.     Insurance, if desired by Renter, must be obtained by him/her at their own expense. Wrobleski Party Rentals assumes no risk; and by acceptance of this agreement, the Renter expressly releases Wrobleski Party Rentals of and from any and all liability for any damages, injury or loss to any person or goods which may arise from the rental and occupation of said tent by Renter and agrees to hold and save Wrobleski Party Rentals harmless of any and all loss or damage by reason thereof. Wrobleski Party Rentals assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any property placed in the tent and persons or property that may be sustained while in said tent, or at tent site.


3.     By acceptance of this agreement, Renter agrees to assume all responsibility for damages to the tent or other rented equipment by reason of vandalism, negligence, theft or any and all similar causes during the entire time of the tent rental.


4.     Wrobleski Party Rentals assumes no responsibility for damage or repairs to tent site including asphalt, lawns, shrubbery, septic tanks, sprinkler systems, etc., caused by tent stakes, poles or other rented equipment.


5.     It is the responsibility of the Renter to secure all necessary permits, licenses, etc., for the erection and installation of the aforementioned tents, lights and dance floors, if any are required.


6.     Renter acknowledges that in the course of installation or removal of said tent and equipment a vehicle may be required, at the discretion of Wrobleski Party Rentals representative, to operate on the site of such installation or removal and that Wrobleski Party Rentals shall not be held responsible for any damages which might occur.


7.     The conditions, rules and regulations printed herein are made a part hereof and incorporated herein and the Renter agrees to be bound by each and every one of them and Wrobleski Party Rentals shall have full power in the matter of interpretation, amendment and enforcement of all said conditions, rules and regulations.


8.     A 10 percent charge will be added to the cost of the total chairs and tables rental for the set up and/or take down of said chairs and tables.


9.     A 25 percent non-refundable deposit is due upon signing rental agreement with the remaining balance due the day of delivery or installation. 


10.  Wrobleski Party Rentals will install and remove as is scheduled and/or weather permits. In the unlikely event of exceptionally severe weather forecasts, Wrobleski Party Rentals reserves the right to return the deposit to the Renter and to not provide the items requested.

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